Bean Bag Chairs so popular

Why are Bean Bag Chairs so popular?

Bean bag chairs have come a long way since they were first created back in the 1960’s. Originally filled with hard beans, then polystyrene (Styrofoam) beads, bean bag chairs were either too firm or too shifty. Somehow, we still managed to fall in love with them. The modern bean bags are filled with shredded polyurethane foam, creating a bean bag that is super comfortable and supportive.

There are many advantages to today’s bean bag chair. They come in many sizes from ottomans up to room filling sofas and loungers. The shredded foam fill makes it possible to have a very large chair that never requires refilling and that will last for years and years. No more messy polystyrene beads leaking throughout your house, no more need to add fill when your chair goes flat. Instead the foam provides a soft, yet supportive nest designed with your relaxation in mind.

The newly designed bean bag chairs provide for great supportive seating. They stand out in your home as the most comfortable place to lounge. Guests, kids and the family pets will compete to sit on your bean bag chair. You can choose from fixed-seating style bean bags that are chair-like and provide a good amount of back support. Or you can choose from the more mold able options where you can shape the chair to suit your varied relaxing needs – gaming, reading, sleeping, or watching TV.

As bean bags come in a huge variety of sizes, you can choose a chair that best meets your space. You can select a few different sizes to suit the needs of your family. If space is an issue, bean bags are easy to store away and can be pulled out only when needed. Some of the “disc-shaped” chairs can lean up against a wall so they are out of the way unless needed. They really are a great seating alternative to traditional furniture. You get all the comfort with extra convenience added in.

Finally, bean bag chairs are much less expensive than traditional furniture. Today’s high quality bean bag chairs and loungers are made with furniture grade foam and upholstery grade covers. When you purchase one of these modern bean bag chairs it is made out of the same fabric and foam as a traditional sofa, only you are paying a fraction of the cost. Bean bags are ideal for media rooms where you want a comfy place to lounge but do not want to break the bank. As bean bag chairs can be used for many different purposes – extra beds for guests, kid’s sleepovers, dog beds, snuggling, reading, playing video games and more – you are not just buying furniture, you are purchasing an experience, one that will last for many years.