modern bean bag chair vs classic bean bag chair

Modern Bean Bag Chair vs Classic Bean Bag Chair

The Modern bean bag chair is a stylish and classy bean bag chair. The foam fill of the modern bean bag chairs takes your lounging experience above and beyond the ordinary.  The newer bean bags are no longer filled with beans or polystyrene beads; instead they are filled with shredded polyurethane foam. It is the filling that makes all the difference.


The shredded polyurethane foam is the same foam you find in your standard furniture cushions. The manufacture takes the off cuts from the furniture industry and grinds and shreds the foam until it is in small little pieces.

The shredded foam is soft and allows you to sink into it. Having said that, they are not so soft that you sink to the floor or that you cannot get up out of them again once you’re down.  The foam is soft and supportive:  it allows you to sink down but then it molds to your body and supports you in your favorite lounging position.  These bean bag chairs are actually relatively easy to get in and out of because of the supportive nature of the foam.

The greatest thing about these bean bags is sitting in them.

People love them because they are enfolded and cocooned in the bean bag so it is like the chair is snuggling with them.


They feel safe and secure and comfortable. And in fact, they are safe due to the locking zipper on the liner.

With so many different shaped chairs available, you can choose your bean bag to suit your lounging needs.


When it is time to relax, you can really let go in your bean bag.

As they come in so many sizes, you can choose how you prefer to lounger.


You no longer have to lounge alone if you don't want to. You can curl up with the kids or your honey and read books, watch TV, or snooze.


Although, lounging alone has its benefits too. Choose a bean bag that really suits you - upright seating, laid back seating or moldable seating.


Besides the fill of the modern bean bag chair, the next best thing would be their look. Bean bag chairs come in all shapes and sizes and can really be chosen to suit your needs.


Finally, the modern bean bag chair is made to last. The foam fill lasts for years so you no longer have to worry about beads escaping and scattering across your house or having to find expensive refill to bring life back to your bean bag chair. When the foam compresses you just roll the chair around a bit and fluff it back up. No more messy, yucky covers, simply remove them and throw them in the wash. Good as new!

Buying a bean bag chair today is really adding a piece of furniture to your home that will last for years, not something that you will throw away in 6 months.